Karuna, an extension of Reiki, is incorporated into the treatment to intensify the benefits and results.

califtree2Karuna means “Compassionate Action” It is Healing that comes from the heart and initiates the manifestation of earth bound and spiritual goals.

Karuna opens you to work more closely with enlightened beings, those physically present and those in spirit. Karuna enhances your intuitive ability. In a way it “fast tracks” Reiki, assisting in advancing us on our Healing Journey. Karuna is blended in with the traditional reiki.

Who may benefit from a Karuna treatment?

Anyone who wishes:

to enhance and accelerate Reiki

to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level

to achieve specific goals, clear obstacles and barriers, shift old patterns

to create a life they truly love to live

A treatment consists of a blending of Reiki energies with Karuna energies and symbols. A series of light touch hand positions are used on the clothed body. It is non-invasive, yet very powerful. Intuitively, the Karuna symbols are used where they are most required. The treatment may include body “scanning” where hands are slowly moved 3-12 inches above the body. The treatment may also include chanting and toning of the symbols as required.

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