Blue Star

Blue Star

A Natural healing Method of Truth & Light, Blue Star draws the infinite source of celestial energy into the healings. It bridges the gap between higher & everyday consciousness- between the earth and the stars. Blue Star offers a passage through the universal door inspiring and encouraging the search for knowledge, enlightenment and its sharing with all sentient beings.
Blue Star is concerned with benefits to earth bound life (health, protection, wealth etc.) as well as the growth, development and spiritual evolution.
Who may benefit from a Blue Star treatment?

Anyone who wishes:

to accelerate their spiritual growth

to heal body-mind-spirit

to inspire their creativity

to overcome obstacles in their lives

to connect more directly to their celestial source of energy

to be called into “action” in their lives

to manifest balanced, joyful abundance

The treatment is non-invasive. Symbols are lightly traced on or above the body calling in specific celestial based energies.

This modality can be seamlessly blended into a Reiki or Flow Therapy as well.


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