Tibetan Massage

Tibetan Massage

This is an invigorating massage . Light, Brisk, specialized hand motions run up and down the clients body. Oils can be used in conjunction with this massage.

Who may benefit from a Tibetan Massage ?

Anyone who wishes to:

Stimulate lymphatic drainage

Improve circulation

Detoxify the body

Balance the flow of spinal fluid

Assist in Karmic release

Balance their energy

Relax and feel rejuvenated

A treatment consists of a client lying comfortably on a treatment table. Massage oil is applied to discreetly draped areas of the clients body and the brisk, light, fast, sweeping motions of the Tibetan massage begin. The massage lasts approximately thirty minutes. An additional half hour is spent in energy balancing- primarily in Reiki style (see Reiki).

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